Tips  for Selecting an Instrument

All Ages

1. Do not buy a toy instrument. For a real Ukulele from a reputable brand, look for a price point at or above $30.

2. Tuning gears should stick out the side of the instrument, not the back. Look for interlocking gears made of all metal parts.

3. High quality nylon strings help your new ukulele sound even better. I recommend a set of Aquila strings on the instrument, and a second set in your bag or case.

4. The frets of the instrument should not be sharp. Press down on the metal dividers on the neck of the instrument and make sure it feels comfortable under your fingers.

5. A carrying case for your instrument can help keep it safe while you are traveling to and from lessons. A gig bag with a strap is easy to carry. Some students may prefer a hard case.

6. An electronic tuner is a fantastic investment. If you get one specifically designed for a ukulele, it will be even easier to use. You could also install a ukulele tuning app on your phone. 

We want taking lessons to be a fun and rewarding experience, not a frustrating one!  That's why we evaluate every student's abilities during the first lesson.  This makes it easy to place students in the correct level book right away!

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