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Teaching Piano is our Passion!

Cassia offers private piano lessons for students from preschool and above. Individual lessons allow the student to move at a pace and cover material in a way that is uniquely suited to their own brain and temperament. 

  • How do I know if my child is ready for lessons?
    Students who are already attending full time kindergarten are generally well prepared for our earliest piano books. Preschool aged students may participate in a gentle play-based assessment to determine readiness.
  • What ages do you teach?
    Cassia offers private piano lessons from as young as 3 years old, grade school, teens, and adults of any age.
  • Can I use any piano book?
    If you attend piano lessons in person, books are included in your monthly tuition. Online students will receive links to purchase the necessary books and have them shipped to their home. Recommendations are based on over 25 years of teaching experience.
  • I don't have a piano at home - can I still take lessons?
    Online students will need a piano from the first day of lessons for all ages. In person students should aim to select and purchase their home instrument as close to their start date as possible. We can help with recommendations and advice!
  • I used to take lessons. How do I know where to start?
    Returning students may engage in a piano skills assessment before their first lesson in order to determine placement. Many student may feel most comfortable starting from the beginning of our program so that they know they aren't missing any critical information.
  • What if I don't always have the same schedule?
    Enrolled students are expected to choose a day and time that they will attend weekly. Individual lessons may easily be rescheduled using our online scheduler. Students who experience a permanent schedule change may change their weekly slot pending availability.
  • Will you travel to my home for lessons?
    Online lessons allow students to learn from the comfort of their own home. Cassia does not travel for in person lessons.
  • Do online lessons really work?
    When a student is enrolled in online students, the results are best when there is a fast connection speed and the camera is aimed so that the teacher can see your hands while playing. Progress for online students is similar to in person students when students practice consistently between lessons.
  • Do you teach neurodivergent students?
    Cassia has lots of experience working with students diagnosed with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. Private lessons are tailored to focus on the student's strengths and preferences, and this allows students of many different backgrounds to thrive and really enjoy the experience of making music.
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