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Ages 3+


Cassia Seibel has been playing the piano since she was just 3 years old, and started teaching piano lessons over 20 years ago. Piano lessons include a wide variety of resources and supplements to help students learn how to read and compose musical notation, improvise and play by ear, imitate radio music using chord and fake book techniques, and the exploration of musical genres and styles such as Classical, Pop, and Jazz.

Ages 8+


Cassia Seibel had the opportunity to play with a recorder quartet that specialized in period Medieval and Renaissance music. In our recorder lessons, we cover much more than just basic note reading. Students will be exposed to music from all of the musical time periods, explore melodic patterns from modern radio hits, and have the opportunity to learn how to play in duets and small musical groups; She teaches on both Soprano and Alto sized recorder instrument.


Ages 8+

Cassia Seibel has enjoyed using the Ukulele as a sing along instrument for camping, home-school lessons, and impromptu jam sessions. During Ukulele lessons, we focus on learning chord fingering, playing melody lines and riffs, and applying various strum patterns and simple finger picking. Students get opportunities to try out their own songs, learn to play by ear, and try duets and small musical groups.

Other Programs

All Ages

Cassia Seibel loves offering group classes and connecting with the community! Right now, some of the special events we have coming up include "Classical Coloring Nights" - designed for the whole family to attend; and "Preschool Preview" - designed for children ages 3-5 (siblings may attend!).

Currently enrolled students are invited to special group theory classes, workshops, and performance opportunities throughout the year - all included as part of their monthly tuition.

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